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Ask the Expert: Coolsculpting

Why are so many men attracted to a non-surgical fat freezing procedure?

Men everywhere have been looking to find the right balance in the pursuit of six pack abs and a six pack of beer among friends. One common thing we hear from both male and female patients is that they’ve tried everything. They’ve stuck to healthy diets, worked out regularly, and managed to maintain an overall weight that they’re happy with. But still, no matter how hard they try, they have those unwanted, stubborn pockets of fat around their midsection, back, or thighs. No matter how hard they try to follow the strictest lifestyle parameters, it just won’t go away. That is where the revolutionary fat freezing comes in.

“When they’ve tried everything, but still have those unwanted, stubborn pockets of fat around their midsection. . .  that is where the revolutionary fat freezing comes in.”

What makes fat freezing so unique?

Developed by scientists at Harvard, this groundbreaking treatment uses the science of cold to eliminate fat cells for good. Patients love it because there’s no surgery and no downtime required. For a specific time period, consistent cold temperatures are applied to the targeted areas of unwanted fat. Because fat freezes at higher temperatures than water, only fat cells are killed while the surrounding tissues are left unharmed. Over the three months that follow a fat freezing treatment, the body naturally processes and eliminates these dead cells, eventually revealing a more trim and contoured silhouette.

What makes the fat freezing procedures so popular?

Half of the patients who visit Clinics for body contouring appointments are men who are usually targeting stubborn fat around the love handles, abdominal and back areas. This even gender split is not something I see in any other procedure performed at the clinic. Men are not open to downtimes and having to lose time at work, so they don’t like to have surgery. This treatment is something you can do on your lunch break.

Non-Surgical Body Contouring: Coolsculpting vs Venus Freeze

Though the results of Coolsculpting and Venus Freeze look similar, the treatments are actually quite different.

The Venus Freeze has been referred to by some doctors as a non-surgical tummy tuck and actually does not use cold temperature for treatment at all. The Venus Freeze tightens skin on any area of the body where the skin has laxity. Venus Freeze’s common treatment areas include the arms, abdomen, thighs, neck and even the face. The treatment is non-invasive and comfortable and several treatments are recommended to get the best results possible. The Venus Freeze does not destroy fat cells, but shrinks them by reducing the lipids existing within them. Venus Freeze is best for is stimulating collagen and promoting skin tightening.

Coolsculpting is different because it actually manipulates temperature to attack and destroy fat cells. Through a process called cryolipolysis, fat cells are destroyed after they are brought to just above freezing temperatures. Coolsculpting is recommended for patients who have stubborn localized areas of fat which do not respond to diet or to exercise—usually the waist area or the love handles.

Pictured: Khloe Rodriguez, Medical Laser Technician

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