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Authentic Botox

Are You Paying for the Right Botox?

Are you getting your money’s worth when it comes to the Botox you are paying for? A lot of women who pay for Botox go to their doctor’s office, spa, or use a Botox coupon for an extremely low price fully trusting and expecting that they will be getting the best of the best when it comes to the type of Botox that will be getting injected into their forehead, around their eyes, lips, etc. but the truth is that many women are not educated on what type of Botox they should be paying for and what type of Botox to avoid.

There is only one FDA approved type of Botox and that is the kind sold under Allergan. Anything other than this that claims to be a Botox injection, but does not use the Allergan brand is not actually Botox. Botox by Allergan was the first created of its kind, making it the most used and popula. Other types of Botox injections that are being offered use the word Botox, but do not use the actual product by Allergan.

One should be leery of getting Botox procedures for very cheap prices or that are not being administered by a professional. Over the past couple of years use of Botox has increased immensely, causing many people to want to administer Botox in salons, at home, or even themselves. The problem with not receiving your Botox injections by a professional and with not making sure that your doctor is using authentic Botox lies in that you will not reap the long term benefits of what true Botox claims to offer and also that you could experience distressing symptoms that could lead to more complications down the road to your health. There have been many people who have found their health diminished sometimes with fatal results due to fake Botox that was used on them. The South Morning China Post sent out a warning after several women became ill after using fake botox.

The difference between authentic Botox and the other types of product that are also made from clostridium botulinum bacteria—what Botox is made from— are their different strains of bacteria and molecular structures.Since each one is different they will all attach to different parts of the nerves, thus giving each kind a specific result. If someone buys a fake type of Botox and is using the same suggested amount that authentic Botox from Allergan requires, the results could be toxic. Anything else used that is not authentic Botox will conjure up more issues than the visible effects that are offered to you for a cheaper price or if someone were to buy it online.

When you go to your doctor’s office you should ask what type of Botox they are using and if they say anything other than Botox by Allergan you will know that they are buying their Botox at a cheaper price and also potentially harming your immune health.

Ask your doctor if you can see the label when they are opening the Botox and take notice of the Allergan cosmetic box when they are opening it and the Allergan hologram on the vial. Also, always make sure that there is a metal cap on top that is being opened for the first time—if not, this means that it has been used before and ideally, you should be getting a brand new product that is fresh if you are paying the right price for your Botox. Remember that authentic Botox has the most botulin toxin in it and will always last the longest.

Any coupon or offer that does not seem professional or is offering an unreasonably accommodating price will more than likely not be authentic Botox. The expression “you get what you pay for” is most apparent here and should be highly considered when it comes to your health and to using the product that has been used the longest, offers the best effects for what it is worth, and will not be a detriment to your health.