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Charcoal Cleansers

Use Activated Charcoal for a Deep Clean

Have you heard of using activated charcoal to wash your face? Now that sounds mighty funny, but in the latest facial cleansing products that are currently out on the shelves, this is the case. Facial cleansers are now incorporating activated charcoal as their main ingredient to thoroughly cleanse your face and the products actually do work.

The activated charcoal used in beauty products such as facial cleansers is meant to dig deep into your pores and absorb, almost like a magnet, all of the dirt and oils that would keep your pores clogged. Much how hospitals use activated charcoal to treat their patients with alcohol poisoning or drug overdoses due to its absorbency, your facial cleaners now work in the same way with this ingredient. We all know clogged dirt and oil forms into pimples, blackheads, and blemishes, so using a charcoal face wash or facemask in your weekly face washing routine would do wonders for your skin if you struggle with these skin problems.

The following products are some of the best ones that use activated charcoal and actually work to clean deep down into your pores and leave you with blemish free skin. Your pores will be so thoroughly cleansed that you will wonder what you have been doing your entire life using all the other facial cleaners, since they just will not compare to the ones with activated charcoal as a main ingredient:

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment retails for about $69.00 and is a very light facial mask. Do not think since you hear the word mud it will be thick and heavy. The great thing about this mask being on the light side versus heavy is that you are able to better apply it in areas close to your eyes or around your chin and ears. The mask is messy though, but with using this product just once a week, you will notice how the charcoal removes all of your impurities not only leaving you with clear skin, but also incredibly soft, baby skin.

Boscia Charcoal Makeup Melter Cleansing Oil-Balm

Boscia Charcoal Makeup Melter Cleansing Oil-Balm retails for about $32.00 and actually uses two types of charcoal to work its magic on your face. One of the ingredients is an activated charcoal that comes from the bamboo and the other one from Japanese Binchotan powder. Double the dose, means double the removing of facial impurities. This makeup removing cleanser is great to use for those pesky under eye mascara stains that get left on your face after using your liquid eye makeup remover; which then stay stuck on your face and turn into oily skin. This product is the texture of a balm that is greasy and smooth. It will melt off the makeup from your face within about a minute’s time. The balm turns into a milky cleanser as you rub it into your skin and you can see all the dirt being removed and sticking to the cleanser. Your skin will thank you for this.

Blaq Mask

Blaq Mask retails for about $19.00 and is facial cleanser that works great on the t-zone area of your face (from the top of your forehead, to your left cheek over your nose to your right cheek, and then the bottom of your chin). This product is a gooey-like texture that you apply on your face and then it dries as a black, tight mask. The dirt and oil on your face will be lifted off with it when you peel off the mask with a bit of force, since it does stick very well to your skin. It is almost as if the first layer of your skin is being lifted from your face to reveal fresh, new baby skin. This product leaves your skin bright, soft, and refreshed.

Using any of the above mentioned products in your daily or weekly facial cleansing routine will give you immediate results and improve your skin’s problem areas such as: clogged pores, blemishes, tired skin, etc. Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and you will notice fewer problem areas.