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Fit Bodies

The Top 4 Apps for Staying in Shape

With the world today having so many apps, how can someone ever know which ones are actually worth the download? It is important to keep up a healthy and fit lifestyle and thankfully today’s apps help us get there, so I have looked into the best 4 apps for keeping a fit lifestyle and they are listed below in no order. Whether you are a runner, a yogi, or someone working on strength training, there are apps out there for you to use to help you achieve the lifestyle you want.

Each app below focuses on a different aspect of living a fit and healthy lifestyle and are definitely worth the download; some are free and some cost money, but it is up to you which one would benefit you the most. I know that for me I can never beat the traffic in the DMV with enough time to make it to the gym in the evenings, so paying for apps to help keep me in line with my workouts works just fine for me. There are plenty of great free apps too; some are listed below:

The Seconds Pro Interval Timer

The Seconds Pro Interval Timer is a great app for making up your own routines and being your own personal trainer. If you already have a routine that you like and sets of the exercises you know you like to do, but cannot afford a trainer or simply do not have the time to get to a gym, then this app is ideal for you. You create your workout routines and it times all  your workout schedules out for you. It is priced at $4.99.

Pear Sports App

PEAR is an app that turns your fitness data into your personal coach! If you do not happen to know the slightest thing about how to set up a workout or need to have a physical trainer in front of you to actually get a workout done, this app comes packed with trainers, some even professionally known, that will coach you throughout the hardest of fitness routines. You also can choose fitness routines ranging from cycling to running and boot camps. This app is priced at $5.99.

Runtastic Results

Runtastic Results is free and actually a great app for beginners who want to learn the best and fastest ways to gain muscle. You tell the app what your specific goals are and it generates a strength-training program that is geared specifically to helping you achieve your goals within a set time frame. It also has videos that show you what each strength training exercise looks like, to ensure you do not pull a muscle by of doing one incorrectly.

Adidas All Day

The Adidas All Day fitness app is a good one because, not only is it free, but it has you log in your workout sessions and sleep, so that it can help keep you mentally fit as well. Working out can be draining, so this app sends you meditations and specific types of yoga that you can do to incorporate with your workout sessions during the week as well.