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Julia Buckley Fitness

Rock Hard Core

Julia Buckley has created the Ignite series of workouts and her workouts have helped thousands of people across the world get lean, hard, power-packed bodies. If you want lean hard thighs and a firm, lifted booty now’s the time to put in the grind! The only thing you’ll need is a timer.

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SET TIMER FOR: 40-second intervals

Do each exercise for 40 seconds and complete each set of three exercises three times in total. Take a 40-second interval rest after completing each set three times before moving on to the next set.

Set 1 

  1. Curtsy Lunge, Side Kicks
  2. Plank Jacks
  3. Twisting Mountain Climber

Set 2

  1. High Knees, Switch Lunges
  2. Prisoner Squat Jacks
  3. Frog Jumps

Set 3

  1. Mountain Climber, Front Kick
  2. Threadneedle Side Plank
  3. Alt Superman

4 Curtsy Lunge, 4 Side Kicks

  1. Stand with your feet hip width apart.
  2. Keeping your weight in your left foot, take a big step back with your right leg, crossing it behind your left leg (as if about to do a ‘curtsy’). Slowly bend your knees and lower your body straight down until your front thigh is parallel to the floor, and both knees are bent at 90 degrees. Be sure to keep your abs drawn in and your back straight.
  3. Do this four times, alternating sides. Stay tall.
  4. Then with feet hip-width apart, slowly extend right leg to the side at hip.
  5. Be sure to keep inner thigh parallel to the floor. Use arms and core for balance.
  6. Alternate kicks four times. Repeat from the beginning.

Plank Jacks

  1. Start in a straight arm plank position, with your shoulders over your wrists, your body in one straight line, and your feet together.
  2. Engage the core by contracting your abs
  3. Like the motion of a jumping jack, jump your legs wide and then back together. Jump as quickly as you can, but keep your pelvis steady and don’t let your butt rise toward the ceiling or your hips sag down.

Twisting Mountain Climber

  1. Start in a straight arm plank with your palms flat on the floor and your shoulders over hands, weight on your toes.
  2. With your core engaged, twist to bring your right knee toward your left elbow.
  3. Immediately switch legs, bringing the left knee forward to the right.
  4. Continue alternating legs until time is up.

High Knees, Switch Lunges

  1. Start in a straight arm plank with your palms flat on the floor and
  2. your shoulders over hands, weight on your toes.
  3. With your core engaged, twist to bring your right knee toward your left elbow.
  4. Immediately switch legs, bringing the left knee forward to the right.
  5. Continue alternating legs until time is up.