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Perfect Colormatching

While there are innumerable product lines in the skin care and beauty industry that offer tone-correcting makeup and treatments, today’s female consumer is looking for natural alternatives. Artistry skin care and cosmetics provide those natural remedies by combining science and technology to produce high-quality, all-natural, gentle beauty products that combat skin tone issues for women of all ages, nationalities, and locations across the world.


Artistry developers said that women with fair tones should try makeup shades with yellow undertones. Tasha Reiko Brown-Jovel, an esteemed L.A. makeup artist, said that when choosing colored cosmetics, women with fair skin should avoid orangey reds and frost finishes and should instead look for softer pink and beige hues.


Foundation: Someone with more mature skin would benefit most from the Artistry Youth Xtend™ Lifting Smoothing Foundation, which contains SPF 20 UVB/UVA, lifts and firms skin, and brings out luminosity and radiance. This hydrating foundation combines high-resolution and light-reflecting optics, dual-action sodium hyaluronate, and Artistry Youth Xtend Technology. Bisque would be a good shade option, as it won’t wash out or overly brighten her natural skin tone.

Eye Shadow: Artistry Eye Colour has built-in moisturizers and vitamins A and E, which elicit lasting, comfortable wear. The micronized pigments in a color like Charm add just enough color, while a color like Bone creates a more natural, effortless look.

Lipstick: Soften, moisturize, and rejuvenate your lips with Artistry Signature Color™ Lipstick (at right). The softest pink hue in this collection that would complement women with fair skin is Silk Lilac.


Like with porcelain skin, women with sand-colored, or light-medium, skin tones should also use cosmetics with yellow undertones. According to InStyle Magazine, light, neutral shades that are accented by gold and yellow undertones enhance features without being too overpowering.


Foundation: Because women with fair to light-medium skin lack melanin that protects against UV rays, it’s important they use cosmetics that feature UV protection. The Balancing Foundation and Hydrating Foundation both

contain anti-aging properties and have the same shade options, with the best shade for sand-toned women being Plush.

Eye SHADOW: Women with this skin-color could enhance their eyes with Fusion, from the Artistry Eye Colour collection.

Lipstick: Light-medium toned women who like their natural lip color might choose an Artistry lip gloss from either the Sheer Coverage, or Light-Up Lip Gloss lines (at right). Plum Glaze from the Full Coverage line accentuates these women’s natural light purple lip hue while adding shine.


he makers of Paula’s Choice said that because women with olive skin tones have a natural yellow undertone with a greenish hue, neutral tones are best. While women with porcelain and sand tones usually wear cool colors well, women with olive skin tones should try warmer shades.


Foundation: The combination of green and yellow undertones that make women with olive-toned skin unique also makes finding a foundation that conceals imperfections without hiding natural hue variation sometimes challenging job. Therefore, a sheer or light-coverage foundation, like the Artistry Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15, would work best. The best tints for women with olive tones are Tint nos. 1 – 6.

Eye Shadow: From the Artistry Eye Colour collection, Drift and Spiral would be appealing.

Lipstick: Most of the colors from the Artistry Signature Color™ Lipstick collection have cooler undertones, which olive-toned women already have naturally. The Full Coverage Lip Gloss line offers warmer-toned options, with Dazzling Coral being the most subtle.


Both InStyle Magazine and Paula’s Choice contributors wrote that women with neutral to caramel skin tones have the easiest time finding shades, mainly because they can wear such a wide array. They can wear bright, dark, or pastel shades for drama and flare, or for a more natural look, they can stick with shades color to their tone, like caramel and honey.


Foundation: Caramel-toned skin is so versatile.When choosing foundation the most difficult part is deciding the best type of foundation for a particular skin type.

The balancing and hydrating foundations have the most shade variety, but one that most closely match the caramel tone is Golden.

Eye Shadow: All of the shades from the Artistry Eye Colour line could work for a woman with this skin tone, depending on the occasion or look she wants to pull off. But for the most natural look, Exquisite is a good choice.

Lipstick: The boldest shade from the Artistry Signature Color™ Lipstick line for a woman with this tone is Crimson. It’s sultry, yet sophisticated, while Taffeta Rose is a softer option.


Women with dark complexions usually match well with red or yellow-based foundations and with colored cosmetics in the copper and soft gold range.


Foundation: The market for cosmetics for women with darker skin has come a long way, particularly in the past decade. It’s becoming easier for these women to find makeup that makes them stand out for the right reasons. Still, Vanessa Scali, an L.A. makeup artist, told InStyle that regarding foundation, “the darker the skin, the more spot-on you have to be with color.”

Therefore, the Artistry Exact Fit™ products are good solutions to avoiding finding shades that are too light or dark. Otherwise, women on the lighter and more yellow-based end of the spectrum could try Espresso and Chiffon out of the hydrating and balancing lines, while darker-toned women would match best with Mocha, Mink, or Cappaccino from the Artistry Youth Xtend™ Lifting Smoothing Foundation line.

Eye Shadow: Drift, Eclipse, and Exquisite best complement women with mocha-toned skin.

Lipstick: And for the Artistry Signature Color™ Lipstick color, Nutmeg is a good balance between soft and sexy.

Choosing the Right Foundation

Women who experience a lot of humidity should choose a lighter formulated foundation, like the Artistry Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15. This foundation comes in eight tints and provides sheer coverage, a natural and radiant finish, and long-lasting wear.

Women in places with high humidity also can try oil-free or powder foundations. The Artistry Exact Fit™ Pressed Powder comes in one shade that blends Tahitian pearls with optical prisms that reflect and scatter light to minimize imperfections. It can be used as a foundation or as a matte finish that controls oil and shine.

The Artistry Exact Fit™ formula also comes in a loose powder which is available in three shades: light, medium, and dark. Both the pressed and loose powders were made to complement, not mask, skin tone and bring out natural beauty.

The Artistry Youth Xtend™ Lifting Smoothing Foundation has those qualities. It also has SPF 20 UVB/UVA, lifts and firms skin, and brings out luminosity and radiance. This hydrating foundation combines high-resolution and light-reflecting optics, dual-action sodium hyaluronate, and Artistry Youth Xtend Technology, which includes the patented ingredients LifeSirt, Micro-X6 Peptide, and African Baobab Fruit Extract. Those patented ingredients revitalize, repair, and protect the skin, targeting fine lines, wrinkles, and a loss of clarity and radiance.

Women with combination-to-oily skin should use the Artistry Balancing Foundation, which combats oil and shine and provides a matte finish. Those with drier skin can try the Artistry Hydrating Foundation, which moisturizes and smoothes skin and provides a satin finish. Both are liquid foundations with built-in SPF 20 and anti-aging ingredients.