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Giovanna DiBiccari

Name and occupation.

Giovanna Di Biccari, Actress

What skincare product do you use that you like the most?

Evian facial spray, Trader Joe’s face lotion (believe it or not), and lots of water! My friends think I’m a water snob.

What did you formerly do (beauty-wise) that you realized wasn’t worth the money?

Sheesh! I used to get rhinestones on my fingers nails…on my big, fake, acrylic nails.

What is your biggest beauty splurge that you deem necessary?

Not sure if microdermabrasion is a splurge, but it’s definitely something I keep doing since first discovering it.

Where do you find happiness?

My family and serving others. My husband is my rock, my daughter is my star, and my dog gives me joy. I love to serve others whether it’s giving a donation to an animal rescue, or helping friends in need.

What is your toughest challenge or the most difficult sacrifice you make to stay healthy?

My toughest challenge would be finding the extra time to go to the gym. I make time for the gym, as well as running my dog Willie, but would love to hit the gym more. My most difficult sacrifice would have to be passing by, and not stopping in, Dunkin’ Donuts!

What is your beauty secret?

My friend created a liquid flavor enhancer called Beauty Bliss. I swear by it, using it daily before a big gig. Plus, it beats those horse-sized beauty pills from the store.

What is the life of an actress like?

It’s like playing “Mother May I?”  Lots of stop and go. I could work 9 days in a row of 10 hour shifts, or not have any for a few days. But lately I’ve been busy as I’m producing a television show about animals. Can’t say much yet, but I’m ecstatic about it!

Photo by Greg Knott
Hair by Salon O Tony
Makeup by Merle Norman