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Summer Hair Care

Young happy woman in fashion bikini have fun on the tropical beach in summer. Sunset sunlight, lifestyle photo.

For those of us living in Northern Virginia, humidity and heat play a big part in our summer months. And that can alter the way that you need to take of your hair.

“I recommend putting some sort of UV protectant products on your hair to preserve your color and avoid getting a lot of sun damage, said Remona Soleimani, master stylist at Noufal HairColor Salon in Tysons.

She also recommends not overly coiffing hair. “With the humidity in the air, it’s difficult to maintain a style unless you get chemical treatments to hold that style. Don’t make your hair do something it typically doesn’t want to daair, add a volume-creating mousse, and scrunch the hair rather than comb or brush it. “Being outdoors a lot in the summertime, you don’t have control as to how your hair reacts; this way you can use the humidity to your advantage,” Soleimani said.

One of Soleimani’s best tips speaks to all us swimmers. “I style a lot of swimmers, so I tell them to saturate their hair in the shower before going into the pool. Once wet, it cannot absorb more moisture or chlorine-rich water.” She also recommends tying hair up into a bun so that the hair’s ends are not loose in the water. “Avoid overcombing the hair when wet, too, the water tends to elasticize it and cause breakage. If you want to comb it wet, do it in the shower with a conditioner.”

For a summer hair style, “I like a very disheveled look,” she said. “Soft, loose types of updos and top knots are really in, with maybe a little fringe around the face popping out so that it’s not such a heavily-fixed type of look…more organic.” For down-dos and long hair, she recommends subtle layering to pick up the curls and add movement. “Medium-length hair is a little trickier; you are really limited to how you can style the hair,” she added.

Should you cut your hair for summer? Not necessarily. “I think you should go with whatever suits your face and your lifestyle,” Soleimani described.

Other summer hair care tips include switching to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and avoiding overuse of hot styling tools that tend to dry hair further. If you need to blow dry your hair, use a lower setting, or let your hair dry naturally. Regular trims can also help stave off split ends.

Summers are meant to be carefree, so let your hair down and enjoy freedom from styling. At least for a few months.

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