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Painless, Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation with Dr. Dima

Excessive stretching of the vaginal muscles is a common occurrence after vaginal birth or due to aging. Damage can diminish sensation during sexual activity, reduce satisfaction and change the relationship between partners. ThermiVA is allowing women to take back control of their bodies—reclaim your pre-baby body, restore your well-being and revive your relationships!

ThermiVA Testimonial

“I didn’t tell my husband I was getting these treatments done, then one night when we were having sex he asked ‘what’s going on, you’ve never been this tight before!’—I finally broke down and told him about ThermiVA.”

What People Have Been Saying

Many ThermiVA patients at WellMedica Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine have experienced drastic results after only a few treatments. Of course, all results may vary depending on the patient, yet only positive feedback has been received. Many patients have found a new confidence in their intimate relationships, stating ThermiVA has changed their sex lives for the better. Woman have admitted to experiencing their first vaginal orgasm after only a few ThermiVA treatments at WellMedica!

What is ThermiVA

ThermiVA is a non-surgical option for vaginal rejuvenation. Treatments use radiofrequency energy to gently heat tissue to reclaim, restore and revive feminine wellness, without discomfort or downtime. ThermiVA uses a special wand applicator which may be applied externally to labia and vulvar tissues to restore normal tissue tone and function. The specially designed handpiece also delivers radiofrequency energy inside the vagina to revive atrophic tissue and other structures.

What to Expect

  • No surgery, no downtime, no anesthesia.
  • Comfortable, in-office treatments.
  • Three 30 minute sessions, one month apart.
  • May resume sexual relations same day/night.
  • Noticeable improvement after first or second session.
  • Long lasting results.

Is ThermiVA Right for You?

  • Do you feel vaginally “loose” since childbirth and/or menopause?
  • Do you feel dry during intercourse?
  • Do you have trouble reaching orgasm?
  • Do you occasionally dribble or leak when you sneeze, cough or exercise?
  • Have you ever “not quite made it” to the bathroom on time?
  • Have your intimate relationships suffered due to these changes?
  • Are you experiencing loss of self-confidence? Loss of interest in sex? Loss of desire?

Did you answer “yes” to any of the statements above? If so, ask Dr. Dima about ThermiVA today!

About WellMedica Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine

Come experience world-class care with Dr. Dima at WellMedica, an internationally recognized Aesthetic and Anti-Aging treatment and training center focused on promoting, advancing and standardizing the field of Aesthetic Medicine. Known for treating many of Washington DC’s political elite, Dr. Dima’s patients praise her for her compassion, professionalism and artistic ability in restoring youthful beauty with natural looking results. She is dedicated to providing the latest effective technologies available and combines artistry with medicine and a deep commitment to your satisfaction. She believes that restoring inner health is as important as physical rejuvenation and customizes each individual’s care in order to achieve true harmony and balance.

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