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Turn Back the Clock on Aging

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Facelifts Offer a More Youthful Appearance

Who among us wouldn’t like to turn back the clock on aging? Although we can’t help getting older, we can do something about how we look—with a facelift.

According to Franklin Richards, M.D., F.A.C.S., of the Vienna-based Cosmetic Surgery Associates, most people start thinking about getting a facelift in their early 50s, through their 70s. “Patients come in expressing concerns with loose neck skin, jowls or wrinkles, with various levels of skin laxity and looseness,” he said.

Dr. Richards performs about 98% of his facelift surgeries in one of his two certified operating rooms, using only local anesthesia in most cases. “We’ve perfected a technique we’ve been using for 15 years that is becoming more common now. We perform our procedure with very small incisions involving all three layers of skin, tightening muscles and removing extra skin and fat as we go. This results in a long-lasting outcome, a quicker recovery and a more natural, not overdone look,” he explained.

“Things have come a long way from the facelifts of old. With the current technique, people look normal right away and can shower and shampoo the day after their surgery. There’s also not a lot of pain.”

Women and men can expect to look younger, less tired, and more refreshed after a facelift. “With this new advanced technique, patients can achieve a very natural look, not a pulled-face or windblown look. People ask our patients if they’ve lost weight or have a new hairstyle—they can’t pinpoint any physical signs of a facelift,” Richards said.

Yet, as in life, the aging process continues, so patients may desire to redo their facelift in 12 to 15 years.

There are risks to a facelift, as with any cosmetic surgery. Patients generally experience swelling and bruising, and incisions are noticeable for a few weeks. Slight numbness can occur around the base of the ear and the central portion of the neck, but recovery time is quick. “Normally, people are back to work in a week or two,” Richards said. Complications (although rare) can include a hematoma (broken blood vessel), infection or nerve injury.

Facelifts can’t erase all signs of aging, but they certainly can make a difference in how you look and feel.

Dr. Franklin Richards, MD
Cosmetic Surgery Associates

Dr. Franklin Richards, MD, a long-standing resident of the Washington D.C. metro area and a graduate of George Washington University in 1982, is board certified and has been in practice since 1989. Dr. Richards has a passionate interest in and is known specifically for his expertise in mini facelift, eyelid surgery, breast augmentation and abdominoplasty.

Individuals needing correction or improvement of previous cosmetic procedures also seek him. His outstanding abilities inspire such confidence that fellow doctors and their spouses (including plastic surgeons), when in need of cosmetic procedures, come to Dr. Richards. His surgical skill, trustworthiness and approachability have earned him a lasting reputation.

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